Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Milt, Shut up.

Bawl four: Pappas knows how Tiger feels

Ok, you think you got screwed. We get it. Shut up already. Even two years ago when Zambrano threw his no-hitter and you were asked about it, all you could do was talk and Bruce Freakin' Froemming. Who knew one blog could get so sick of two Cubs named Milt?

But you don't know how he feels. Because in his case, he actually got screwed. In your case, you threw a borderline pitch that could've gone either way. Galarraga had the guy out by 3 feet. You screamed like a 3 year old girl. He smiled. You had to be restrained the next day. He handed the lineup card to the same guy who blew it less than 15 hours before.

You have a lot to learn Milt.

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