Monday, June 14, 2010

Reflections on Chicago, no the other team

Things we know
- Ted Lilly is one BAMF
- It's not ok to bunt for a base hit in the midst of a no hitter regardless of the score. Earn it bitch.
- Joe Morgan continues to defy logic by getting even more stupid every time we see him.
- There's only one cup that matters in this city - It lives on Madison

Things we suspect
- Steve Stone will not be joining Lou for drinks any time soon.
- The only thing that can make a 2010 Cubs/Sox game interesting is dueling no-hitters
- Whoever wins the BP cup will undoubtedly do nasty things to it, but for an entirely different reason that the other Cup.
- The dueling no-no's had more to do with bad offenses than good pitching.

Ok, let's get things out of the way now - Lou, Tyler Colvin needs to play more and everyone seems to know it except you. Deal.
Joe Morgan - who is your player of the game? The guy who took a no hitter into the 9th inning or the closer who walked two guys, loaded the bases, and still manged to get a save despite thimself? Really idiot? And they pay you for that?
The Sox won the series - whoopdeefreakindoo. So have a lot of other teams. If pretending this series means something means you can sleep better at night, undoubtedly with a blood relative, then go ahead Sox fans, gloat. You'll still have a really bad baseball team, and so will we, but we won't be f*cking our cousins.

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Nick said...

Couldn't agree more. Good read.