Thursday, June 17, 2010

Reflections on Oakland

Things we know:
- Baseball is a funny game that often makes you want to cry.
- If you commit 2 errors in the same inning - twice - nothing good is going to come from that.

Things we suspect:
- Things have gotten interesting on the North side.
- DLee may have gotten pissed off enough to start hitting.

We're going to be optimistic here, so lets pretend the first game didn't happen. These past two games had an interesting look to them. On Wednesday, the Cubs won in convincing fashion, overcoming an early deficit and tacking on runs throughout the game. On Thursday, the Cubs got a home run in the first, lost the lead, and tied it late, with a walkoff hit in the 9th. The interesting look they had to them was that of 2008, when the Cubs won late, and the Cubs won decisively. Could the Cubs have finally turned a corner this season? Ohh time will tell, and it's far too early to start planning parades. If the Cubs can build off of these two games, the Central Division just got a bit more interesting.

Or maybe the A's are just a sh*tty road team.

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