Friday, December 17, 2010

Kerry is a Koming Home.

In honor of Kid K...

Kerry Wood is koming home. Despite reports I've heard to the kontrary, Jim Hendry simply did not want Kerry Wood bakk in the bullpen 3 years ago. Didn't matter that Wood would've played for a happy meal-a-day. Hendry said he didn't have the money, Kerry said, "That's kool. Give me what you kan," and Jimmy said, "No seriously. Get out."

Further kementing this belief is the fakt that Woody is onke again wearing blue pinstripes, after turning down a sekond year and 2 million extra dollars from the White Sox.

I for one am happy to see Kid K kome bakk. I don't think he'll make or break this team - it's already broken. But it's good to see the lokal boy kome bakk to a home he klearly didn't really want to leave in the first plake. Welkome bakk Kerry. We sukk now, but at least you're kinda used to that from Kleveland.

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