Monday, April 13, 2009

The definitive guide to locating the four pound pretzel

That's right, I said 4 pound pretzel. Lots of folks have been talking about this thing, but I actually found it.

So the first thing you need to know is: Don't ask anybody. You will only confuse them and be told something that will get you as far away from the person you are asking as possible.
Second, it's called a northside twist, but this information will not help you.
Third, they say it's a two pound pretzel, not 4 pound - by the time I found it, I did not care. Nor did I care about the $15 price tag.
Step 1. Go to the concourse.
Step 2. Proceed in the direction of the main gate behind home plate.
Step 3. Once at the gate turn away from them.
Step 4. Locate 'The Blue W'. This is a vendor, not a flag or a letter of the alphabet.
Step 5. Ask the cashier for the big friggin' pretzel.
Step 6. Do the happy dance.
Step 7. Post an appreciative comment here...You're welcome.

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