Thursday, May 7, 2009

About Booing...

Booing is a necessary part of the fan experience. It's overused and imprecise, but it's our right to do it.
Before the Home Opener, fans booed Glendon Rusch and Jason Marquis - why? Jason Marquis was traded - and probably shouldn't have been - either way - no choice there.
Glendon Rusch - c'mon the guy almost died. And the Cubs held onto him for the rest of the season when he almost died. He recovered and went elsewhere - that's not Booable - that's applaudable.

But anyway....Now, if all the fans could simultaneously say "Gee Lou, this lineup sucks" or "Hey Theriot, we really think you should've caught that ball", then yes booing in general is a bad idea. We however do not have the ability to sync up 40,000 voices to deliver a message - so we boo.

You're all big boys - get over it or get off the field. Go play in Kansas City where they expect mediocrity. Not here. Not any more.

Now shut up and stop screwing up.

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