Saturday, May 9, 2009

It kinda makes me wonder...

How many other failed center fielders we can send to the Orioles. Or right fielders for that matter. Patterson, Pie, Gathright - Here's the best part, the Orioles are sending us cash to make up for Freel's Salary. So let's examine this trade a bit -

Gathright - a "Speed guy" who's gotten picked off more often than the's actualyl stolen a base.
Freel - "Super-utility" man with the versatility of DeRosa, but not the bat.

I'll take Freel. Granted in this case he's the lesser of two evils, but if Piniella had any sense he wouldn't even give Gathright an uniform any more.

Hendry has just pulled off his first successful move since last October. So he's like 1 for 12, which coincidentally is also Freel's BA.

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Wendell said...

maybe freel will be this years Jim Edmonds. I can hope anyway. At least SD sucks so maybe we can swing a trade for Peavy later on. Figured I'd leave you a comment. It's been a while.