Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Another new feature for OMC

We're calling this one - new rules in baseball. Just some ideas that might make the game more enjoyable or at least less distasteful to some.

Here's the first -
Speaking of Bobby Cros
"I was hoping to be Oakland's shortstop, and that's obviously not in their plans," he said. "I've enjoyed it here, but the best thing for me is to go somewhere I can be an everyday shortstop. They've made up their minds, and I just hope they can give me the opportunity to move on."

Now, here's Bobby's numbers - AVG/OPG/SLG

2008 - .237/.296/.349
Career - .239/.306/.380

Now here's the rule -

You waive your right to ask for/demand a trade if you suck. You want to be traded? Be tradable.

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