Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Pitching decisions...

From the Gordo twitter -
Lou and Hendry met this AM: Final pitching decisions to go into weekend. 4 for 2 spots: Samardzija, Gaudin, Patton, Guzman

So, let's look.

Samardzija - started to hiccup just a bit late last year. Has had a less-than-impressive Spring. It's decision time - make him a reliever, which he did well for the bulk of his playing time last year, or move him to starter in which case means going to IA.
Gaudin - The Dark Horse better art of the Harden deal last year. Frankly hasn't impressed me yet, some good outings, some bad outings. Out of options - no way in hell he clears waivers and hasn't missed a bat all spring...But...keep him for now.
Patton - Pretty much unhittable this spring, but if there's one thing spring teaches us, it's that you have to read between a lot of lines to figure out what'll happen up north. However if you don't keep him, you lose him...
Guzman - Has never impressed me, at all. Not that he's not good. I'm sure he's a decent reliever, but just not needed right now.

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