Thursday, March 5, 2009

What Milton wants...,CST-SPT-cub05.article

''I'll take the asking about my health [over] asking about my character or the person I am,'' Bradley said. ''I can live with that.''

hehehe....really.. because quad-man, that's EXACTLY what people will be talking aobut. Not that you're moody-spice, but the fact that you're not playing. Like at all. There is no DH in the NL, sparky, so let's not get hurt shall we? Or believe me, talking about the fact that you're ape-sh%^ crazy will seem like a honeymoon.

We've had our injuries - Prior, Wood, Corey Patterson, D-Lee, Soriano. You're just next in line, but this is the first time we ever signed a free agent straight to the DL and we're not the leat surprised...

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