Friday, May 28, 2010

How far is too far outside the box?

So Gorzelanny pooped his pants on his last bid to stay in the rotation with the second coming of Z. So the decision has to be easy on who to kick out right?
Dempster has been the best starter the Cubs have the last 3 years.
Lilly has been the most consistent start the Cubs have in the last 3 years
Wells is a kid who is on a freakin' roll and you don't want to upset that apple cart
Silva - Yes, that would be Carlos freaking Silva - is 6-0 and you have to be a colossal idiot to screw that up.
The bullpen has been one of the Cubs' greatest weaknesses. So, this is a job for....Dum dum dum....Zambranalanny!
Think about it. Our 5th starter could be Zambranalanny. Zambrano and Gorzy start each 5th game, one pitching the first 5 innings - to get the win, and the other to pitch the last 4 - to get the save. Day off for the bullpen! And they could switch - the first time Z pitches 5, then Gorzy closes, then Gorzy starts. You get the idea. It'd be so much fun to say Zambranalanny every 5th day. Or Gorzambrano depending on which day it is... Good times.

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