Friday, May 7, 2010

Reflections on Pittsburgh - The Ok Seriously Edition

A message for Cubs fans -

Actually it's just a small part of something big and awesome, but for now:

Things we know
- The Pirates can't possibly lose every game they play
- They sure as hell didn't these past 3 days
- The Cubs are better than this
- Not MUCH better, but better.

Things we suspect
- Aramis needs to start hitting
- When he does, a lot of this will go away
- By then it may be too late
- This will not be the last loss to the Pirates this season, but hopefully it will be the most embarrassing.

My previous "Reflections" post pretty much summed up this series. No hitting leads directly to no wining. Do not pass Go. However, what might be more frightening is that this might start getting into the rotation's heads a bit. There is such a thing as trying to be too perfect and when giving up one or two runs means a loss, that's when guys stop just pitching their game and trying to do too much. And that's when bad things start happening, you know like waling the first two batters on 8 pitches.

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