Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Wanted: Babysitters

So there's been a little hooplah on the interwebs this morning about the Wrigley faithful last night booing our new young stud, Starlin. Most of the concern seems to revolve around his age or inexperience.

I wasn't aware that Cubs fans needed to coddle the new guys. When exactly does the grace period end? When can we boo? I only ask because most of the folks chiding us - and yes I mean I'd probably have been a booer had I been at the game last night - would be at the head of the charge against Soriano if he did something similar. Or Aramis (E-Ramis as one gent calls him so often). So when's it ok kids?

When he's 21? How about 22? How about a nice, round 30?

Bad play is bad play. Cadillacing it is cadillacing it. If you can't play hard in the majors, Felix Pie, go back to the PCL where you'll shine and be a perrenial MiLB All Star. If you want to stay, work for it. Don't expect us to cuddle you up in a blankey and kiss your boo-boos. The honeymoon is over. Now Play Ball.


baseballjen said...

The kid can't help it if he was rushed to the majors to try and revitalize a team full of faltering veterans. Boo them if you want, but give the kid a break. He was only playing in his FOURTH game in the majors. Whatever happened to respect for your fellow man? How would you like it if every time you screwed up people gathered around you and booed? Geez.

MGb said...

Well, first off, nobody pays to watch me work. Second, if they did that, it'd motivate me to not screw up.
Third, respect for fellow man should apply to faltering veterans as well as kids, so which is it? At what point do you stop being a faltering kid and start becoming a faltering veteran?