Thursday, May 13, 2010

Reflections on Florida

Things we know -
- It's never ever ok to boo anyone under any circumstances ever.
- Well, ok, it's ok sometimes, as long as they're making more money than a small village will ever see in their lifetime.
- Or unless they're from Louisiana
- Ok, Anyone except Castro because he's so cute and cuddly wuddly and if he doesn't work out we'll be stuck with Theriot.

Things we suspect -
- Carlos Silva may turn out to be a bigger coup than Hundley for Karros
- Carlos Silva is so far the only thing keeping Hendry in Chicago
- If Carlos Silva ever ate his weight in baked beans and Chili we'd need FEMA to get Fontenot's uniform out of his locker

Hey OMC, what's with all the Castro and Silva stuff? Well, you see after another pathetic outpouring of runs from our anemic offense, that's all there really was to talk about. Yesterday, only 2 of 8 starting players had a BA below .300 - Derrek Lee and Jeff Baker. And yet, the Cubs were only able to scratch out 4 runs, one on a wild pitch. And that pretty much sums it up there folks. Castro got booed on Monday much to the chagrin of local bloggers and Carlos Silva went 4-0 much to the chagrin of those same bloggers who were calling the trade a "disaster".

Maybe the booing won't turn out so bad either.

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