Friday, May 28, 2010

Reflections on Firsties

Things we know
- OUR Xavier can play right unlike some other teams
- The Rangers didn't win that first game so much as the Cubs lost it
- It's far more exciting to strike out a cheating head-inflater than it is to win a ballgame

Thing we suspect
- Losing 8-5 isn't so bad since a month ago they would've lost 8-1
- Maybe this 1-run game thing isn't such a problem after all
- Reed Johnson is no better on another team
- Tylermania! needs more playing time.

The Cubs hit the "tough" part of their schedule with a sledgehammer. The story has predominantly been the pitching, with one notable exception. The Cubs have scored 44 runs over their last 11 games, so they ain't exactly hitting the cover off the ball, but they are also 8-3 during that same stretch. D-Lee is starting to pick it up - a bit - while A-Ram is steadfastly refusing to go on the DL where we all know he belongs. The Cubs made the same mistake with Soriano last year - just give him so time to get better so he can be the ARam we all know and love again.

Next up, the Cardinals. Albert Puljos has been in a bit of slump of late, and by "of late" I mean "May". Should be interesting.

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