Monday, May 10, 2010

Reflections on Cincinatti

Things we know
- Our offense is capable of scoring less than 3 or more than 11 runs, and nothing in between.
- Starlin Castro can hit bad pitching - just like the rest of the offense
- We once had a rookie strike out 20 players in the beginning of his career. Where's he now?
- I stole that last one from @AdamBuckled.

Things we suspect
- Starlin Castro will not solve our problem
- Castro was a panic move nothing more.
- Bullsh*t taste bad Jim, stop feeding it to us
- This is going to be a long, long summer of bad.

Starlin Castro burst onto the scene with a 6 RBI first game, including a 3 run HR in his first ML At bat - Suck it, Jason Heywood. The much ballyhooed propsect came in, and the Cubs scored 14 runs. Then they lost 5-3 again. How about that? Castro will continue to be ballyhooed until it becomes clear that he is not the saviorof this team in a season that was over before it began. Then he'll be a highlight. Maybe.

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