Monday, April 5, 2010

I'm a fan. Not a f*cking idiot

So my fandom was called into question today because I was a bit sardonic about our Cubs' (specifically a certain "Ace") performance today. The tweets in question were:
- @oneminutecubs you're getting pretty annoying.
- @oneminutecubs are you a cubs fan, or no?
- @oneminutecubs you're acting like this game is how the rest of the season is going to go. #shutup
- @oneminutecubs how about you find a new team?
Guess what, Punky Brewster - Kiss my fuzzy ones.

Just because I don't like the performance of my team that I dedicate my mind, soul, money and heart to, doesn't mean I have to blindly find the good in it, and pretend the rest doesn't exist. It does exist, and at the moment, it was kicking me in the nuts.

I'm not so sure what I said that 349 other followers didn't care about but got your panties in a bunch. It was certainly consistent with what the rest of the twittersphere (At least the ones I follow) were saying. Mine is one of the below:

- If they're all like this / 161 more / I doubt I can take

- So...maybe Big Z is trying to get EVERY SINGLE bad play out of his system now? .......It's about time for a balk

- I'm starting to think I'll be enjoying #TheComedyOfZ this year.

- No way Z calmly walks into the dugout after this inning. So much for the new Z

So which one is mine? It must really be jumping of the page at you. Oh wait.

What it boils down to is you can be a fan, or you can be an idiot. Or in this case, both. You have a choice in this - Stop fucking following me. I will not beg, nor will I apologize. I make no secret of what I will say nor how I will say it. And 349 other people seem to get a kick out of it.

Take your lonely ass back to momma's basement and call me when you get a clue. I'll be over here at the smart kids table taking time to understand what I'm seeing, not just someone who douses their drawers when dreamy Derrek Lee hits a ball a long, long way.


Ed Nickow said...

Are you sure those are /
Mutually exclusive /
Or could you be both?

Carlos Nazario said...

If you were really a fan, then you would know that it is probably a GOOD thing Z got shelled. He finally got an Opening Day win last year, and it was the first of only NINE victories that season!

Anonymous said...

so have to say....big z is so overrated! he hit his peak a while ago....just sayin!

baseballjen said...

While I disagreed with a number of comments from various sources I saw during and after Monday's game, people had every right to be frustrated. I like Z personally, but he is overpaid and inconsistent. And I don't agree with the Cubs that he is the "ace", as I am more comfortable when Dempster, Lilly, or Wells pitch.

I have to give him credit for one thing, though: he is better than Samardjiza (BLECH!!)