Sunday, April 25, 2010

Reflections on Milwaukee

Things we know:
- Theodore Roosevelt Lilly is one BAMF
- When the vacuum that sucked the hair of that woman's head was being developed by Kirby, it was code-named the "Rickie"
- Milwaukee really should explore the trade opportunities for Kosuke Fukudome since that is the only place he hits.
- Rickie Weeks' suckocity has it's own zip code.

Things we suspect:
- Doug Davis, while he's been tough against us in the past, can kiss our collective booties.
- Vegetable burgers are not good for one's swing.
- The Cubs can hit crappy pitching
- The Milwaukee Brewers are our prison bitches.

Gotta love a weekend series in Milwaukee. Lilly came back and made Prince his princess with 3 strikeouts, the first of which left Fatty McWhopper standing at home wondering where the hell the nearest steak was. Zambrano made his first appearance of the bullpen and did not attack anything. He did however run out of his own shoes. And on Sunday, the Pirates cheered as the Cubs turned the tide on the Boo-Hoo Crew beating them 12-2.

All in all. A good weekend.

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