Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Reflections on Washington

Things we know
- Adam Dunn is a big dumb animal and we'll regret not signing him while we had the chance.
- Your starting rotation having a 2.60 ERA is great, unless your offense averages 2.5 runs per game.
- We should've pulled out all the stops to sign Matt Capps.
- The Cubs didn't win on Monday night so much as the Nationals lost.
- I really need to proof read my blog better.

Things we suspect
- Kevin Millar could've easily done Chad Tracy's job
- Aramis Ramirez REALLY needs to shave. It's like a reverse Samson thing
- Livan Hernandez has a secret "beat the Cubs" Kool-aid formula
- The Cubs couldn't get runs in Mexico drinking the water.

Despite our 5-2 records vs. the Gnats last year, I seem to remember they beat us in stupid ways that really infuriate me. This weekend it was simple lack of offense. I was giddy after the first game, but mostly because the Blackhawks were leading too. So that was , perhaps magnified. Now it's just a shocking lack of offense after we b-slapped the Boo-Hoo Crew so decisively. But hey. At least we have a f*cking cup now...

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Ed Radakovitz said...

Adam Dunn ... I love watching him attempt / hit a baseball. He's a freakin' monster! I keep wishing that one day Kenny Williams will wise up and sign him to DH on the south side. I will then watch him hit like 5000 HRs while striking out 3000 times, but hey, they will be majestic shots that will make your jaw drop.