Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Z to the Pen - Why I hate it.

Are you kidding me? We're sending Zambrano to the pen? You can't be serious! Oh Jesus. Here's why we're screwed.

1. Can you say white flag? White flag on the bullpen. White flag on Zambrano. He know our bullpen sucks and isn't getting any better. We know our Ace isn't an Ace, and isn't getting any better. Let's see what happens...

2. It could seriously screw with his head. Anyone remember when they moved Sammy Sosa to the #5 slot and "Sammy called Dusty to ask him for the move". This smells a lot like that. "Yeah Zambrano's totally cool with it, blah blah blah." Sammy was never anything ever again.

3. Zambrano has a tendency to give up runs early and dominate later. In the bullpen, there is no later.

4. Pitching more often than every 5 days could screw with his arm. You can't get him to drink Gatorade once a week. What makes you think three to four days a week will go any better?

5. It signals - or it least it SHOULD signal - the end of Jim Hendry's tenure in Chicago. Jim was so inept at putting together a bullpen for the last two years we now have a 17 million dollar setup man. How can that go unpunished? Hey TomRick - that's your money out there on the mound in the 8th.

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