Sunday, April 18, 2010

Reflections on Houston

Things we know
- Geoff Blum is a rat bastard
- Marmol is not invincible
- The qualifications for pitching out of the bullpen are depressingly low.
- So are the qualifications for singing Take Me Out To The Ballgame

Things we suspect
- Roy Oswalt is the best pitcher from his hometown.
- The Astros are as screwed without Berkman as we were without Ramirez last year
- This will not be Marmol's last 4 out save opportunity, nor his last blown save.
- There's no better slump buster than sitting in the first base dugout for 3 days at Wrigley

What started off as a positive series against the abysmal Astros who were missing their BFF Berkman ended in a ridiculous display of batting ineptitude. Ok, I get getting shut down by Roy Oswalt. He's a great pitcher and several score games over .500 in his career. But can anyone please explain why the prospect of facing the Great and Mighty Wandy and the Fearsome Geoff send cubs batters scurrying to the bench like kicked dogs? Yeah. Neither can I. What could've been an opportunity to get above sealevel for a couple of games turned out to be cement Reeboks dragging us down like a squealer. And speaking of which, on to New York.

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