Saturday, April 10, 2010

Reflections on Cincy

Things we know
- The bullpen still sucks
- It will suck for a long, long time
- They can't blow it every game
- They sure can give it a shot.

Things we suspect
- Maybe the Cubs didn't get hosed on Silva
- Zambrano doesn't suck, but that doesn't mean he's great
- Sean Marshall may save this bullpen single-handed
- The 8th inning will be our Achilles heel

Coughing up the lead in two games over the weekend during the in the 8th inning is painting a pretty clear picture on how much we need Lilly to come back and move Gorzy back into the bullpen.

In the meantime, one week in, it's too small a sample size to make any sort of definitive opinion, but it ain't pretty so far. I get the sense this season is going to be very much like when we as kids used to download naughty pictures with our modems over the course of an hour or two - one line at a time. Sadly though, it will take far too long to determine whether this picture will of Christina Applegate or Margret Thatcher.

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