Monday, April 19, 2010

What are you talking about??

Headline: All-Star balloting 2010 is almost here It's f*cking APRIL!!!

Every blog, story, I hear/see/read is saying "it's too early to tell" or "it's a small smaple size" and yet, voting for the All Star game the outcome of which, by the way, happens to determine quite possibly the most important home field advantage in sports, opens tomorrow. Are you F*cking kidding me? How can you possibly open voting for the all star game when Pittsburgh is second in the standings is beyond me. Can we please get a chance to, oh I don't know, see some games before we decide who the besterest players are?

If it's important, then this can't be a popularity contest. If it's a popularity contest, then it cannot be important. Commit.

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Karl U said...

I agree 100%! And they have one player from each team...some teams have more than one all-star, some have zilch. If the leagues are truly going head to head and trying to win the game, the managers should be allowed to snub bad players from bad teams.