Monday, April 5, 2010

Ring ring

You get a phone cal out of the blue and there's your old friend on the other end of the line, hoping to catch up with you. Hey! Whatcha been doing?

Well, we picked up a new centerfielder. Seems like a good guy. Great with kids and the best part is, his mom doesn't take interviews. We also brought back all the oldies-but-goodies, Zambrano, Lee, Ramirez, you know. The whole gang.

We miss Jake, but there's this new guy Tyler. He's a real spark plug. He put on 25 pounds over the winter, just like uncle Morty, but in an entirely different, and much less scary way. He's been hitting the bejezus out of the ball. We're not POSITIVE he can hit a curveball, but we'll find out soon enough.

We've got some new kids, John and Ezmiralda or something like that. They'll be just fine, but a little...oh let's say raw. They looked really good pitching against those first graders in AZ, so we're sure they'll be fine. How are you?

"Oh, me? Good. Making fudge."


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