Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Two Teams, One Cup

Confession time. I've never seen the infamous "Two Girls, One Cup" video (Stop right there! I have no desire to either). I cannot imagine though, that my reaction to watching it could be any stronger than my reaciton when I first heard the news about this Crosstown trophy bull$h17.

First, there was utter disbelief aqbout what I was seing. Followed by a strong feeling of nausea, and finally, I just had to turn my head away before I gave into everything and I saw something that would make me question my faith in everything good and decent in the world.

Here's a challenge to anyone who backs this idea and thinks it's good for the rivalry - When the crosstown series rolls around, ask every player on the roster at the time if they're excited to be playing for "the Cup". I guarantee you, at least 10 members on each team will respond with "What cup?" Because, you see, this series is meaningless. It's just 1/27th of a long, long schedule.

In he end, only marketing people and fools (and believe me, those are NOT necessarily two separate groups) think this is a good idea. Baseball people know it's a waste of time, a waste of effort, and it's not worth the gold plated, petrified dog crap it's made of.


Ed Radakovitz said...

Agree ... The initial feedback I'm hearing is a collective "Meh, whatever". Seems only the BP and others with financial interests are excited about this. The only trophy I want my team to put on display in the one handed out in October (maybe November, LOL). The Sox /Cubs series used to be intense but the novelty has worn off. It means nothing in the grand picture of the baseball season.

The CyberWeasel said...

I am annoyed that the games count as it is. one exhibition game a year is plenty... and speaking of golden poo...