Friday, April 23, 2010

Reflections on New York

What we know:
- Fuck New York - normally this is a child friendly blog, but just Fuck 'em
- Fuck 'em again - in the ass - with a red hot poker.
- Our bullpen is not our only problem
- Zambrano won't help there either.

What we suspect:
- The Cubs can make any crappy team look good for 3-4 games at a stretch
- Bob Brenly needs to go off on Soriano more often.
- The odd of getting a hit increase significantly if you take the bat off your shoulder.
- It was too close to F*ckin' Take!

Besides one game where Soriano made a solid argument that he is not in fact a black hole where low-outside breaking balls go to die, the Cubs pretty much slept trough the New York series. A few encouraging things I did see last night were good solid AB's from several players including [holycrap]Soriano[/holycrap] in which they worked a full count and fouled off some tough pitches. Often the AB ended in an out, but for the most part, I can lvie with those. In my world, any AB in which you see 7 pitches is fruit punch, regardless of outcome. It's more pitches you see, better odds of maknig something happen, and frustrating as spit to a pitcher.

Overall, it was a tournament of blah, led by Aramis. Having him not hit is worse than having him out of the lineup because right now, he's basically another pitcher in the lineup. Not good mojo.

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