Sunday, October 5, 2008

Absolute certainty.

Here's the thing. If I didn't KNOW for a fact that Sox fans would never let me live it down, I'd actually root for those bastards in the post season. But I know for a FACT, like I know that I need oxygen to survive, that if somehow the Sox make it past this round, even if their plane crashed on the way to Boston, and the entire team was killed, Sox fans would not only be ecstatic, but they would throw it in my face at every opportunity.

"Dude, your entire team just died" "Yeah, but we got father than those Flubs!!! Woo HOO!"

So it's not the team, it's the fans. F$%^& the Sox. Go down in flames like a $5 whore in a firehouse, just so I don't have to listen to your obnoxious fans for the next 6 months. If they would only shut up...

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