Monday, October 20, 2008

Following the team in the offseason Part IV

Life imitates occupation....

In an odd case of life imitates occupation, Reed Johnson was left at the alter by his recent and very attractive fiancee.

Previously, Johnson admits he'd been with a much less attractive partner for several years before she unexpectedly dumped him. Almost immediately, he hooked up with his current beau and was engaged to be married recently. Unfortunately, it didn't work out.

Johnson wasn't left as at the alter, per se, more like his wife-to-be couldn't find her way. After making perfect strides with the details such as the wedding reception, champagne, dress, flowers, caterer, chapel, etc. it seemed she just couldn't close the deal.

"She got lost on the way to the church. Funny thing, she's always the one with the map in the car, and throughout our relationship, she'd been dead on," Johnson said. "Just just couldn't produce in the clutch I guess...wait...are we still talking aobut Melissa?"

The status of Johnson's relationship is in flux. Melissa did state he might be a good alternate husband if one of three other candidates don't work out. She promises to not get lost next mean next time.

We ARE still talking about Melissa, right?

Blah blah blah...if you believe this, go back to grader school, blah blah....

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