Sunday, October 5, 2008

I think you've said enough...

"I was concerned about our offense coming into this thing, I'll be honest with you. And basically my concerns were realized. What can I say?" - Lou Piniella

This coming from the guy who started his worst-hitting regular starter in the first tow games, then said he was out the rest of the series, then gave him two more at-bats.

As Boert and Bernstein are so fond of saying, Who you crappin'?

Where oh where was Johnson? Did he get a single AB the entire post season? I don't think so? Why? Because of righty pitchers? That's a load of BS because I knwo for a fact that Johnson faced some right handed pitchers, and gosh Lou, I think he even managed to hit the ball once or twice.

Don't lament about your offense when you put bad offense on the field and made wrong call after wrong call all week. YOU lost this too Lou, just as much as your players did.

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