Sunday, October 5, 2008

Offseason thoughts...

So apparently, according to my new favorite site, -

"Pirates GM Neal Huntington has declared nobody is untouchable, and the Pirates are looking to upgrade a poor minor league system and major league talent base, so McLouth's name has been tossed around."

Really? Nate McClouth patrolling centerfield in Blue? A left handed power bat? Now who was it that was looknig for a left handed power bat again? Oh..that's right...the Cubs!

As much as I like the WGN-named "Law firm of Edmunds and Johnson", Edmunds is thinking about retiring, and Johnson is a good 4th outfielder, or perhaps third outfielder if this from the Tribune comes to pass:

"According to scouts, Fukudome would have no value if Hendry tried to shop him. He isn't going to go back quietly and resume his career with the Chunichi Dragons, walking away from his deal with the Cubs. That would send a terrible signal as teams around the majors become more aggressive in pursuing players from Asia. One scout interviewed Saturday suggested a course of action that could be tough to swallow.

'He has to go to the minors,' the scout said. 'He has to get rid of all those habits, pulling out on pitches, collapsing. He'll never hit the way he's hitting now, and this is a tough place to work out your problems. Always has been.'"

THe 48 million dollar man working for Ryno?? Interesting...Wonder what Mclouth would cost the Cubbies...maybe....Pie?? I can TOTALLY live with that..

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