Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Dodging a bullet...kinda

So I had some errands to run today, down on the South side, near Comiskey (yes, I still call it "Comiskey" and Washington Park area. I don't go to the south side often - as little as possible actually. And today, I had to make a call - what hat to wear.

Now, I ALWAYS wear a Cubs hat. Every day for as far back as I remember, but today, that seemed like a bad choice -Ya think?? Garsh..

So I actually picked up a 2005 White Sox championship hat that I'd bought back in 05. Say what you want, it was still pretty cool that a Chicago team won...I just didn't know the extent of a-hole ism I would have to put up with since, but anyway...

When in Rome right?

Wrong. I couldn't do it. I just couldn't bring myself to put it on. So I did the next best thing - grabbed a non-baseball team hat - yes I do own one or two.

When in Rome, you don't necessarily have to do what the Romans do, but you damn well better not do what the Persians do...

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Anonymous said...

Man your memory doesn't go very far back. I remember a time when you NEVER wore hats. I am not sure you were even a Cubs fan then ;)

Ps. Check out the video on this blog site. There is a Cubs reference buried about 1/2 way through.