Thursday, October 2, 2008

Speaking out

So, let's hear what our beloved Cubbies had to say about that Clusterf%$^& from last night -

Soriano - 'Last October is last October,' - Umm actually dipsh^&, it's just October, and right now they're looking pretty freakin' similar...

Derek Lee - "It's just a loss. We're not even thinking about last year." - It's a BIG loss at home with your most reliable starter on the mound. START thinking about it.

And now my favorite -
Piniella - "It's only Game 1" - Have you gone completely insane. Do you not realize that there are only _5_ games int this series? Are you too busy thinking about your freakin' golf swing to focus on maybe the Marshall/Ramirez matchup was not the best option? How about, oh I don't know, maybe a RIGHT hander??

Ok Mr. "It's only Game 1". How about I cut off a finger for every game you lose from here on out. "Hay Lou, It's only 1 finger." Get serious. The only thing we've learned thus far is you SUCK in the postseason like the rest of the team. Stop looking at game 4 when you're in game 1. Any bullpen pitcher should be able to pitch back-to back days. Since TBS has taken the liberty to throw in an off day every TWO games, you can use Marmol, and Wood even if you're down to make sure you don't go down any farther.

This is a SHORT series, much like the fuses on Cubs fans while you're dicking around trying to save a pitcher for a game that WON'T happen.

Now get your sh$%^ together and win a fu#$%&^* ballgame.

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