Thursday, October 2, 2008

Clock is ticking...

The Cubs have exactly 5 innings to win this series. If they lose tonight, they lose the series. That's it. I'm gratified in that I was right in that Carlos has really stepped up and he's freakin' dealing. I'll admit I didn't see the second in it's entirety, so maybe he flipped a bit, but the way he's throwing right now is simply electric.

Of course the Cubs couldn't hit the ball off a freakin' tee right now. So regardless of what Z does this game is looking more and more over. And therefore the series.

So how many detractors do I have now? How much does that piddly little no hitter mean now? Exactly donkey d#$%. That's how much. 97 wins means S$%^ if you get nothing to show for it. Oh...well, you get to put a flag on the building. So I guess we'll just be happy with that huh Lou?

F^&* that. Like a girlfriend who keps kicking you in the balls, just after she gets off her knees.

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