Sunday, July 13, 2008

7* All stars!!

Yes! 7 all stars on Tuesday! Wait - what's that? Ohh Soriano broke his hand. Oh ok, well still 6 All Stars baby! Woo-hoo! What? Oh. Ryan Dempster's last start is two days before so he won't pitch? Rats. Well, ok. Still 5 All stars. Who? Why? Kerry Wood's got a blister?

4 all stars. What? Fukudome's been stinking up the joint lately and if Clint Hurdle knows anything about anything he won't play past his first at bat? Huh...

Congrats Cubs fans! The Cubs will set the record for most invited spectators at the All Star Game...La Di Freakin' Dah!'

Is it still too late to vote in Mark DeRosa?

That's my minute...well, 50 get the idea.

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