Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ron Santo

Ok, I've held off long enough. Now I sit here and listen and I can't stand it any more. Ron Santo needs to go. He never will, but he needs to. I'm too young to have seen him play, but by all accounts, and the numbers reflect it, he was a great third baseman, and he is a great Cubs fan, but he is a crappy, crappy broadcaster. He should never have been given airwaves to spew his "Gosh!" and "Aww" and "Uhhh" to a waiting audience. His is the monkey holding the tin can while Pat Hughes - arguably the best broadcaster in the business - plays the accordion. He's so cute and stupid, you have to drop coins in the cup.

Cory Provus takes over for Pat Hughes for one inning. I don't get this. Why do you remove your best asset, and put in - and no offense intended to Cory - an inferior product? He does a passable job, but can't you switch Santo out for an inning? Please?? Maybe your arguement is that Cory doesn't do analysis. That's ok. Neither does Ron.

I know I'm in the minority here, but I celebrate when the Cubs take a road trip and bring along Dave Otto. Now that's analysis. Not Steve Stone analysis, but at elast he doesn't groan and whine with every pitch that's thrown.

Ok, that's my minute, but beleive me...there will be many more on this topic.

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Midnightzak said...

Pretty sure Pat has it in his contract to take a break during the 5th inning...think I heard that somewhere...