Thursday, July 17, 2008

Dan Uggla.

Today, Dan Uggla reigns as the luckiest man in baseball. 3 - that's right I said 3 - extra innings errors. Two crappy at bats with runners in scoring position, and the NL did NOT lose because of him. He didn't help, and one might argue that he gave the NL a good shove in the wrong direction, but he didn't "cost them the game" per se.

Dan Uggla does not suck. Far from it. That night however, he played like crap. The only spectaular thing he did that night was to commit 3 errors and have two bad at bats in extra innings. All Star pressure? Maybe. Whatever it was, Dan Uggla, you sucked on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Hopefully that will be remembered for future All Star games.

Thanks for giving me another reason for disliking you, other than beating up on the Cubs...

There's a minute for you. Feel free to suck the next time you play the Cubs...

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