Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Harden/Gaudin = Cubbies

Initial reaction? Good deal. I'll hesitate on great deal for now - to be determined. Matt Murton, Eric Patterson and Sean Gallagher go to the A's.

Murton and Patterson and are corner outfielders (with Patterson also playing 2B). We have Fukudome and Soriano for 4 and 7 more years respectively - no job opportunities there. We've got Fontenot, DeRosa, and Cedeno at 2B. No job opps there. Gallagher will probably be good, but not today. So basically we gave away 2 pinch hitters and a bullpen guy.

Harden from what I've heard has Carlos Zambrano stuff with Kerry Wood injury history. Scary, both good and bad. I heard once that Harden has yet to pitch 10 consecutive starts without some sor tof delay/DL stint. Scary. Legit #2? Oh yeah. So now Dempster is #3 and Lilly is #4. Who gives a crap who is #5? Very good deal. I'll reserve judgement until Harden and Gaudin pitch a few times.

Ok, that's my minute, but more to follow I'm sure.

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