Thursday, July 17, 2008


Ok look. We get it. Yankees fans hate the Red Sox... But do you really have to boo EVERY time a Red Sox representative is named? There are 49 HALL OF FAME players on the field, your field, the one we are honoring because this field is going to be destroyed at the end of the season, which will be in September, by the way, not October, and all you can do is boo players from a team that is from your rival?

And then - and I couldn't tell if I was more angry or amused by this ultimate display of hypocrasy - to top it all off, here's what happened in the 7th inning.

"Now batting, JD Drew"

So tell me Yankees fans....Which is it, you hypocritical morons?

Let me tell you something. When Albert Puljos came to bet every time, I was cheering for him to smack a ball into New Jersey because for that night, he was on our side. You just demonstrated to the world the idocy that reigns in the Bronx. Thanks for reminding me, dipsh__s....

There's a minute for you, which is more than any Yankees fan deserves...

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