Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Making it count...

First of allthe biggest change that needs to be made. He's my thought -

An exhibition game should NEVER determine the most important advantage in sports for the most important series in that sport. More on home field advantage later. The winning league of the ASG should be given a 2-3 game handicap when determining home field advantage. Example this year's WS contenders - THIS IS NOT A PREDICTION, just an example.

Red Sox - 94-68 vs Cubs 97 - 65.

Red Sox given 2 game handicap - 96 wins vs 97. NL gets home field.

By today's standards, here's another example:

Rays (wild card) 87-75 vs Cubs 97 - 65.

Michael Young hits a sac fly. AL gets homefield advantage. Cubs play the best season in recent memory and get screwed.

There's a minute on that...

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