Sunday, July 13, 2008

Dempster falls...

Had to happen..I hate to say it. But at least it happened to Tim Lincecum. If it'd happened to Ian Snell or someone, that would've sucked. Well boys, just tip your cap, and go home and take a nice long nap until Friday. Too bad we couldn't REALLY knock around their closer. Still, 10-1 at home at the All Star Break. Can't argue with that.

So about that kid that got nailed with the foul ball. Sucks to be him, but seriously dad - why didn't you catch the ball??? You bring your kid, you bring your glove, wear it at all times, don't drink, and sit between him and the plate, staring at the batter at ALL times. Seriously dude.

I saw the kid had a glove, why didn't HE catch it?

Ok, but no joke - I'm glad the kid's gonna be ok. Dad prolly slept on the couch for a couple of days, but the kid's gonna be ok. Maybe dad should think twice when ordering those box seats in the future?

Ok, that's my minute.

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