Sunday, July 6, 2008

All Stars

7 players. Nice. Says something. Some of the picks? Questionable. I wonder if Soriano will actually play in the game. I'd like to see him playing there, if only because that means he's playing here too, and he did have the big knock last year.

Fukudome? hmm..tough call. You ask me a month ago, and I say "No Doubt". Nowadays? hmm...Good for Ryan Braun. He deserves it. I'll bet Griffey's pretty PO'ed though...

End of the day, it'll be good for the Cubs. Who closes if there's a lead? Lidge. No Question. He of the sub 1 ERA. I can live with that. Although if memory serves, the past two years, the AL has won the ASG in the 9th. Once off Gagne, and once of Hoffman. Maybe they should have Woody up, ya know. Just in case. Looking at the teams though, I have to say the AL looks much scarier than the NL. Time will tell. One week. Should be sweet. Maybe Zambrano will be able to dodge the fungos this year and get to play...

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