Sunday, July 6, 2008

Cubs-Cards Game 2.

You know, driving home from work after the game, I was listening to the post game on 'GN and some schmuck actually called and asked why Pinella didn't leave Marmol in for the ninth?

Ok, first- Wood had converted his last 12 consecutive save opps. Second, have you been WATCHING Marmol lately?? For crap's sake...

I took the positives away from the game. Ramirez broke his 0-28 slump with his homer and Marmol pitched a perfect 8th.

Save or no save, you walk the first to batters in the ninth, and you have issues. Woody just didn't have it. Stuff happens. No worries. As it turns out, we won the series, so all is ok in the end.

Woody's a lights out closer. He won't convert every time, and it will SUCK when he doesn't, but please. Can we NOT get these phone calls every time he doesn't? Please?

Ok, that's my minute.

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