Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Rule change thought...

Here's the thing...

A pitcher starts a game and gets b$%^-slapped for 5 runs in the first. Gets pulled. Your team comes back and scores 4 runs in the first, but then the other team scores another 20 the rest of the game. During that same game, your team scores 2 more runs, and at no time is the score tied.

Why does that starting pitcher get the loss? Your team scored enough to erase the initial deficit. Shouldn't the pitcher who gave up the 7th run get the loss? That run was the game winner.

Similarly, if a Starting pitcher pitches 8 2/3 solid innings of one run ball, then gets pulled. Some dude comes in and gets out #27. Your team rallies back for 2 in the bottom of the ninth. The reliever gets the win. What kind of crap is that? What did that reliever do? One pitch and he gets a win? That's crap.

Just a thought and a minute.

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The CyberWeasel said...

Dude! I totally agree! Why a pitcher gets credit or takes a hit because of team effort or lack thereof is really unfair. I can see the save stat but the W-L for a pitcher should go or at least be rethought.