Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Going out on a limb here...

Ok, I admit it. I caved...

Magic Number: 51
Home Games Left: 28
Road Games Left: 26
Total games left: 54

There's math here, but also probabilities, but I won't make a mathematically based guess on when/if the Cubbies clinch. The rest of the schedule looks interesting. If the bats can stay alive on the road, and the pitching performs as it has been, life looks pretty rosy. But that's a LOT of ifs, especially with the last 13 games being played vs. STL, MIL, and NYM. Good game tonight. I am now happy. If they get blown out tomorrow, that'll bring me down a bit, but 3 of 4 is more than I realistically expected, so good times.

Keep those bats going and keep the patience at the plate going, and pray that the Ramirez deal goes through depriving Pittsburg of Jason Bay, along with Nady and Marte.

I'd still like to see Sherrill wearing Cubbie Blue.

Another minute in the books.

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