Friday, July 25, 2008

interesting trade idea?

So George Sherrill, the left handed closer from Baltimore is on the block. The asking price, by latest reports is a ML ready shortstop. Hello Ronny Cedeno. Here's the problem though. Cedeno is Theriot's only backup at SS. 2nd base has depth enough to get by without him, but SS remians a question. Any kids ready to come up as a backup? I'm honestly not sure.

What I do know is Marmol, while he hasn't been terrible his last few outings still ain't right. Bob "Gopher-ball" Howry isn't right. Woody's widdle finger hurts, so long story short, we've got issues.

I'm thinking Eyre-Cedeno for Sherrill, a proven closer. 46K's in 42 IP. 7 Blown saves, which is kinda scary, but still. You trade a solid lefty for a solid uninjured lefty, and a SS in the package. Win-Win. Plus Eyre's a FA this year - Sherrill's under team control for at least another year if not more. This is all contingent on whether or not there's a SS in AAA ready to step up, and to be honest, I don't know.

Just a thought...and a minute...

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