Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The lunatic...

WARNING!! Non- Cubs post here - Ozzie Freakin' Guillen. He's a lunatic to say the best, and an idiot to say the worst. Here's a quote from Dip___t Guillen today-

"Think about what we need to do, and people say, 'Put Konerko on the bench, do this with Konerko, do that with Konerko,'" Guillen said. "Who's going to play first? Swisher? Oh? Do me a favor, check the book first and check Swisher and Konerko's averages, and it's not that much different.

"In the meanwhile, who do I got in center field? Brian [Anderson]? Hello. [Dewayne] Wise? That's why people think it's easy to say, 'Make out the lineup, here's what it is.'

Ok, so not only do you have Mendoza playing first for you, but now you're ripping on your own team? Are you kidding me? This from the guy who just over one week ago said,

"We don't expect to do anything, but you never know," Guillen said. "We will find out what we really need to get this team better. If we don't do anything, people will start criticizing our organization. [But] I believe we can do this with the people we have here.

"[If] everyone does their job, not more, this ballclub should be fine. There's too much talent out there. It's about the team. It's all about them."

So there's a lot of talent, but you can't substitute a .213 hitter anywhere, because if you do, then all your options at center field suck. Is that about righ? I just want to be sure we're clear here. Your team sucks, but it has a lot of talent.

Ozzie, why don't you wake up and smell what you're shoveling?

More than a minute, which is much more that that dip___ deserves...

What an a-hole...

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