Wednesday, July 16, 2008

What works...

Ok, here's my take on the ASG, and making it count.

First of all, what is ok about it -
Fan voting - An exhibition game is by and for the fans. More power to ya. Do you vote the starters? We'll get to that.
Players voting - Voted in by your peers. That's cool.
Every team having a rep - Just because your team sucks doesn't mean there is never a diamond in the rough. Every team should represent, and that's all good.
Home Run Derby/other festivities - These are all good in the hood. Run with em. I'd like to see a bit more coverage of the other things except highlights on sprots center. Run the parade. Run the Celebrity game a full 7 innings like it should be. Etc.

That's a minute on what works. And now...

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