Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good things happening

Don't get me wrong. I'm not going bi-polar on you all, but the Cubs actually managed some big hits last night and so far tonight. A-Ram is coming through tonight. Can't be blamed for Lee being thrown out. I did not see the play due to the cable box being otherwise occupied, but hey. Marmol as the closer? We'll see how that goes. Don't unpack.

Going to the game tomorrow. Should be pretty sweet. Main reason I got these particular tickets at the beginning on the season (and remind me to talk about that some time) was it's build-a-bear day at Wrigley for kids 13 and under. My 21 month old qualifies. I had finished my purchases for the day, and figured how bout one more game? Hey build-a-bear! Sweet!

Oh lord...Styx is singing Take me out to the ballgame... Gotta appreciate a band with no vowels in their name...I'll talk more aobut the 7th inning stretch some time too...

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