Sunday, July 6, 2008

CC See ya...

Freakin' Brewers! Who said they can have a shot at the division?? Bad enough we have to deal with the overachieving Cardinals. Now they're getting a Cy Young winner for two third graders and a bag of balls? Ok, so LaPorte is a "Hot prospect". Want me to name some other Hot Prospects? Corey Patterson? Felix Pee-AAA? Hot prospect. Like we don't have a prospect or two to throw to the Indians...Actually we don't.

The gauntlet has been thrown Hendry. Think we can survive with Lilly being our number 2? 5 seconds? 4....3....NO! Now get on the phones. And if you counter with Randy Wolf, I swear I'll wait until you get married and then slap your wife!

Ok, that's my minute.

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