Saturday, September 27, 2008

2k7 vs 2k8

So let's take a look at why this postseason will (Hopefully) be different.

A. The opponent - Dodgers or Mets - Not nearly the pitching Arizona boasted last year. The Mets in particular will go down in fart flames with the Cubs lineup.

B. Home field advantage. Unlike last year, when the Cubs and 'Brewers both insisted on holding the door open for the other, the Cubs this year as soon as the Brewers tripped, snapped up the crown and ran with it all season, winning at least 10 more games than their less-than-impressive effort of 07.

C. The Lineup.

Lineup for Oct 3, 2007

Soriano - While not having nearly as dominating September as last year, has 3 less HR's and 9 more walks than last year, and that's with 27 fewer games. BA is down a bit.
Jones - Gone
Lee - Less of a power, but more consistent season this year. Seems to have remembered where the strike zone is this year.
Ramirez - Has been a clutch player both years, but check out these numbers - Games +16 Runs +24 Hits +1, 2B +9, HR +1, RBI +10, BB - and this is the big one - +31, OBP +.013.
Floyd - Gone
DeRosa - Career Year in HR and RBI, but potentially hurt.
Soto - MVP. Nuff Said
Theriot - Didn't slump during September, most offensive stats up, BA +.040.
Zambrano - Not starting. Instead it will be Dempster, the winningest pitcher on the staff. Solid performer al year. Did get slapped around a bit just before the break, but a .296 ERA. Dang.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at the team numbers -
G -3, AB -120, H +7, HR +31, RBI +98, OBP +.022, SLG +.022 AVG +.007.

Lovin' them minutes...

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